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Merry F*#king Christmas Merry F*#king Christmas

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Satire is dead within a generation of idiots.

It really saddens me to be part of a generation where sarcasm and satire are dead because the public doesn't have the capability to look any deeper than face value.
It's a spoof of Christian idealism, the kind of person that thinks that these people should be discriminated against is being made fun of here. The author is very obviously not a Nazi, or a racist by any means. The guy IS Jewish, so it wouldn't make a lot of sense for him to push a Christian agenda.

Get a clue, people. When you do, enjoy this game. It's fun.

seanjames responds:

Very well said. See...Billy Idol gets it.

Sack Smash 2005 Sack Smash 2005

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Nice intentions, but...

I knew from the beginning that I wasn't going to like it, and here's why:
People do not want to smash gnomes with a big bouncy ball. They want to smash them with big fuckin' testes. Nice try, though.


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boney-man responds:


Sack Smash 2003 Sack Smash 2003

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sack Smash: Harmless Fun or Deep-Rooted Symbolism?

This game, upon first glance, appears to be nothing more than a nonsensical timewaster about a boy who smashes gnomes with his godly testicles. However, one must look deeper to discover the real meaning behind this, undoubtedly the finest of Dan Paladin's astounding work.

The gnomes represent society's grip on every one of us, influencing us to do whatever it says. Theboulder-crotched boy represents a fighter against the strong grip of society's influence, smashing the opressive gnomes with his sizeable scrotum. The giant testicles, making a sound not unlike a fistful of placenta being squeezed on every bounce, represent the pain that comes along every step of the way on the pathway to freedom from opression.

Now you can properly understand the subtle nuances of this piece, and get a deeper fulfillment out of every play. Thank you, Dan Paladin, for what is surely the piece of the century.


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RPS-25 RPS-25

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The stupidity of Newgrounds users is ASTOUNDING

I thought this was a very well thought-out, fun game. The creator worked hard to make all the connections work.
This game gets more low scores than it deserves because idiot users will take offense to which gestures beat other ones. I couldn't believe I was really reading some of these reviews, as they are painfully moronic.
Are you really that protective of someone soiling the names of dragons? If the dragon couldn't be beaten by anything, the game would be pointless, as you could just pick that one every time.


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Flying Spaghetti Monster Flying Spaghetti Monster

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster Smiles!

I'm sure The Almighty FSM is smiling down upon you as I write this. You, sir, must have been touched by His Noodly Appendage to create such a great game. It was an experience not unlike swimming in a marinara dream cloud. Thank you, sir, and may you continue to walk in the noodly path of the Almighty.

PlasmicSteve responds:

Praise be to both your left, and your right, meat-a-balls.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Either this is hacked or genious

It seems to me that a hacker has taken over this account and replaced a toon or game of some sort with a guy with a paintbrush... either that or the flash artist is the greatest person ever and replaced the toon with some guy with a brush.